SD Wind Energy Wind Turbines

SD Wind Energy is a global market leader for small wind turbines and hybrid energy systems. Okanagan Solar Ltd is the exclusive Canadian dealer for this product and we offer shipping and installation throughout all parts of Canada. While these Wind Turbines are not an applicable solution for Residential use, they have many advantages and costs savings in rural settings such as farms and acreages, remote locations relying on Diesel generators, and off-grid scenarios where wind is regular and steady.

With over 5,000 wind turbine installations in over 70 countries and on every continent, SD Wind Energy services small scale renewable energy needs world-wide. Their wind turbine product range was first established in 1980 by highly respected inventor and innovator Gordon Proven, who developed their wind turbines to be robust, reliable and able to withstand extreme weather conditions.

The SD Wind Energy product range covers a wide array of applications and is world renowned for its unique downwind design, superior build quality and ability to operate in all wind speeds without the need to shut-down.